The possessive case

stuffToday, I’m beginning to list, in a very transparent way, everything that I own. I’m doing it in an effort to pare down and focus on people and experiences instead of things. I’m going to be getting rid of the things that either aren’t useful to me or don’t otherwise bring me joy.

The process is going to take me awhile, but remember that it is the journey (!) and not so much the destination that matters. I’m being transparent about this to help others out – others who might be considering doing the same thing, other than posting it all for anyone to see.

I’ll be working in my office today, and will go on to other rooms of the house, and God forbid the garage, as time permits. You can watch the list grow by clicking on the “My Stuff” menu tab at the top of my blog. It only has a few things populated into it right now, but come back whenever you want to see it grow, and then get smaller. I’m curious to know exactly how many things I own.


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