Three commitments

Here we go again, as they say! I’m publicly committing myself to three consecutive goals this year, in reparation for my utter lack of seriousness in bikeworthiness. The first is a prep for the second, and the second for the third. The gist is I’ll again be riding my bike every day. I miss it, but I’ve gotten bikelazy.

All of this is leading up to the National Bike Challenge held every year from May through September. Almost half of a year. Many people, to get into the habit for that, also do the precursor #thirtydaysofbiking, which is a commitment to ride every day in April. I’m adding March to that, to get ready for April. So you’ll be able to cassh me ousside, howbowdah?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be transporting one of my bikes to Bloomington where I work, so that I can ride it around campus as I meet with my building managers, and get together all of the kit I’ll need.

To keep all of you up to date on how well I succeed or fail each day, I’ll be incorporating a feature called BEDposts. These will be short, daily videos from the bike, or literally, “bike every day posts.” I’ve included one of the last BEDposts I uploaded, back when I was still getting on the bike every day, so you’ll know what to expect.

Be looking for them, and I’ll be looking for you in the comments.

Here’s to being small, slow, and happy…on a bike!


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