Pitching in

gratitude-kaleidoscopeMy work over the past three days consisted of attending a conference on event and sports management. Thursday was an all day exercise in which we participants had to staff a position in either the policy group, emergency operations center, or the incident command post. I was working in the logistics section as a unit leader. My whole military career I was always a plans and operations guy, never a “loggie” as we call them. So it was a different experience for me. During the conference, I was talking with one of the instructors, Joe, who frequently hikes in Grand Canyon National Park. Believe me, it is on my bucket list. Joe said he’d hike with me and show me the best routes if I ever get there. I left the conference grateful for the instructors, who were experienced and knowledgeable. They cared about the students, who came to IU from all over the country for this training, and the learning outcomes.

When I got home from Bloomington last night, I was spent. The kids had already eaten, so I warmed up some leftover mushrooms and peppers over rice and steamed some vegetables to go with it, then headed down the street for a meeting with Shellie Ellison and Wheels on the Ground, a group that advocates for people with disabilities. She had brought some strawberries that were just as sweet as cotton candy. I did not feel like going out last night, but ended up having a nice walk to get myself there, and I’m glad I went. I’m grateful for Shellie. When I first got into bicycle and pedestrian advocacy in Shelbyville, she always had my back and came to almost every single meeting. Her vision for leveling the playing field for other-abled people is inspiring and her vision of erasing functional barriers in the city (and eventually the world!) inspires me. When her vision comes to fruition, they’re going to rename the city Shellieville.

Everyone was so busy yesterday evening, the kitchen showed it. Oh, it was bursting with signs of the lives that play out in the house day after day. Someone said that it isn’t important how much house you can afford in your life, rather how much life goes on in your house. The original person probably said it better, but you get the gist. So, I was grateful for the dishes in the kitchen sink. In the not too distant future, that kitchen is going to be too damn clean and quiet. Believe it or not, putting your hands in warm water and smelling the soapy, humid steam coming off the clean plates can be calming. If you let it.


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