Foodie Update #1

974e668224d0c7ae8294c35514ac16e7So many people complain that Facebook foodie postings are really irritating and trivial. I disagree on several levels. First, people have always talked about food, and food art is a high-form genre. Even McDonalds can make their byproducts look appetizing. Next, we’re always looking for ideas for our next meal or our next menu, and if a friend posts something that makes my belly go “ooooohhh,” I’m may be tempted to snag it.

If it is healthy.
Which brings up another topic. I have to bite my tongue sometimes when I am perusing my friends foodie postings. Especially the ones from “Delish” and others, who show a sped up version of someone concocting something, usually with more cheese than I would eat in a month, then at the end they cut to slo-mo as the fork or spoon is diving into the greasy mess to pull out a bite.


But anyway… On my own blog here (and whatever posts to FB) I’m simply going to tell you what I ate. If it is healthy, you can pat me on the back or move on. If I stumble, you can take me to task.

Most mornings, I get up and make the coffee and start a cup while the water boils for my oatmeal with raisins and walnuts. I don’t do it in the microwave – I’ve gone old school with my five dollar stamped tin tea kettle. I don’t have toast with butter or milk or anything else with it, just the bare bones. It fills me up enough to “break my fast” and get me headed toward lunch.

A lot of times, I blow lunch. I’m trying to get better and you can help me with your snarky comments and links to inspirational cat videos. But today since I’m here taking MGT 440, a FEMA course focusing on advanced event and sports management, I’m taking advantage of the free continental breakfast. That means I had a banana when I got here, and at the first break, I grabbed a cinnamon raisin bagel and ate it after slathering it with a dollop of cream cheese. I was going to forego the cream cheese, but have you ever tried to eat a bagel dry? Don’t try it. When everyone else headed out to lunch venues, I stayed here and raided what was left of the continental breakfast, stuffing an apple and a pear into my face, and a lovely grapefruit and another pear into my backpack for later.

Yes, I am an unrepentant fruit thief.

That has been my intake so far today, and I’m not hungry at the moment, so everything is going fine. My goal behavior is to make a green smoothie for lunch each day while I’m making my breakfast, so I can avoid going out and eating at a restaurant. Even if I just go to Subway for a veggie delight salad.

I’m not completely innocent today because I might have gone out somewhere to eat, except I didn’t want to give up my sweet parking spot, and we had to do a bit of account switching today to keep the checking account I use to pay the monthlies on life support. Ever been there? Fist-bump, peeps.



One thought on “Foodie Update #1

  1. So, when I got home from work I had some leftover portobello mushrooms with onions and peppers over rice, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and a bit of roasted pepper hummus on blue corn chips. There’s a bagged salad in the fridge if I get hungry later.

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