No nightstand nonsense

Dirty little secret time. I’ve been sleeping with my mobile phone. There, I’ve said it. It isn’t something I’m proud of, but my nightly routine lately as been to plug it in to recharge and set it right there on the nightstand, next to my head. Most nights, I’d even play a quick live game of Euchre with complete strangers, there under the badhabitcovers in my pajamas.

You may well know that this is a bad habit. No, you don’t understand…when I mean a bad habit, I’m talking epic bad habit like the nuns have on over there to the right. —>

I put my phone there right next to my head because I thought that if the world caught on fire, or there was a really important email, I’d hear the phone go spastic with its little vibrating dance, plastic and glass against wood, and I’d wake up out of a sound sleep, process this Very Important Information, and somehow save the world.

That hasn’t happened yet, and the statistical probability of it is astoundingly low, now that I’ve given it a bit of rational thought. That is my “human scale and pace” implementation for the day. The phone is now safely charging right here on my desk, securely plugged into the the USB port of my Macbook.

How on earth will I ever wake up for work in the morning without my phone? Easy. I’ve suddenly got a crush for my good ol’ Timex alarm clock with the Relaxing  Nocturnal Sounds (TM) to sooth me to sleep. I’d forgotten how faithful it had been to me as it sat there watching me sleep all of those years before the interloper came into the picture.

What if I wake up bolt upright in the middle of the night with the cure for cancer? I’ll need the note taking function from my amazing piece of mobile technology to record all that awesomeness, right? Nah, I think tomorrow I’ll look for a stubby pencil and a scratch pad.


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