Another in between

I’m at another one of those in between places.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. That place where the spaces between the lines get wider and you feel like you might fall through the words of your own story. Or maybe it’s like when the pebble you’ve been kicking down the street falls into the storm drain.

I’m about to make a decision that will possibly decide what I do for the rest of my working life – until retirement (which isn’t far away for me).  Or maybe only for a year or two. That’s how I’ve been living for the past ten years…taking short gigs that only last a year or two. I’ve cobbled together such a wide skill set that I really can go a lot of places and do a lot of things well. Recruiting. Management. Plans and operations. A range of what could be considered human resources functions.

I’m closing in on final round interviews on several widely different jobs and the contract that I’m working right now is about to be renegotiated by the middle of the month.


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