Headwinding into the new year

2015-01-01 14.21.08First day of 2015, ten point six miles on the commute bike.  What can I say, I’m renewing a continuing resolution instead of enacting a new year’s resolution.  Since I’ll be heading to D.C. shortly to start with my new employer, I can use phrases like “continuing resolution” and get away with it.

What was special about today’s ride?  As usual, it didn’t use any gasoline, although that commodity is currently less than two dollars per gallon again.  It was moderately windy.  In the vicinity of 20 miles per hour windy, and since the wind was southwesterly, and I did a down-and-back north to south/south to north ride, the first half of it was in-my-face windy.  I loved it.  I love windy rides, because it adds to the challenge, like if you were at the gym on a treadmill, and the guy next to you was thumbing the incline button.  Or a drill sergeant sitting on your back while you’re knocking out push-ups.  That kind of love.  Love like the wording on the workout t-shirt I just bought.

Sweat dries; blood clots; bones heal; suck it up buttercup.

The weather during my ride was a bit chilly, if you consider thirty degrees Fahrenheit to be chilly.  I’m with Columbia sportswear company on that one though.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just improper clothing.

I told that one to my oldest son, who was stationed at Fort Wainwright and was deployed for a year to Afghanistan when he was in the Army, and he said, “no Dad, you’re wrong.  There is such a thing as bad weather.” I understand where he is coming from, but I think he is mistaken.

It was sunny during my whole ride, too.  I appreciated that, and for the fact that it wasn’t directly in my eyes.

90 or so more days until spring.  I’m going to ride on each one of them if I can.



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