For a friend who knows who he is

Backstory:  This chapel has a history of having been vandalized.  When the most recent restorative work was done to it, a plexi wall was added, as well as a door with a deadbolt.  The plexi wall is notorious for denying attempts to photograph the interior.

It is hard to pan around to get the shot you want, because everything but the back wall must be shot at an angle through the reflective barrier.  You try for a clear shot, but there is always some reflection and background ghosting.  In this shot, I simply gave in.  The sun was at a good angle for explicit inclusion.

I’d have liked to get lower on the wall, but wouldn’t have gotten the rays to spray out like they did as they flooded the patina in the plexi.  All in all, a solid shot that spoke the words I wanted it to.


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