Ginsburg Update: Trouble with simple grammar

ruthginsburgThe aptly named website “Jezebel” has the Ginsberg eugenics faux pas wrapped up. Those of you who have taken logic at the undergraduate or above level might want to sharpen your pencils and take notes.

In a later interview, the author of the NYT piece, Emily Bazelon said:

“…it was clear that when Justice Ginsburg said ‘we,’ when she was talking about populations that we don’t want to have too many of, she meant some people in the world, not herself or a group that she feels a part of. That’s not how she sees the world, as you I’m sure know. Her point was about other people’s conception of who they thought should be encouraged to have children and who shouldn’t be, not her own.”

In other words, the Supreme Court Justice can’t convey the simple grammatical difference between first, second, and third person singular and plural.

“We” is the new “they” I suppose.

Somebody we really want on SCOTUS?

Do the people who work at sites like Jezebel understand that they’re making their subjects look even more stupid than they did before they started sucking on their toes?


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