Of steer

longhorn1Nothing compelling going on today on the home front, but a Twitter exchange between my J prof from BSU brought to mind a funny story from Fort Hood back in ’04.  My “roomie” for several months was a towering, iron jawed Captain from Michigan who accompanied me on the occasional “wing hunt” to Austin on the weekends, gave staff briefings in haiku, and kept me sane until the wife and kids made it down for the remainder of the deployment. 

Halfway through the summer, his grandparents came to visit him and we were driving around Killeen and showing them the sights.  I’d previously been in the room when he had spoken with his grandpa shortly after we’d hit the ground, and iron jawed Jim told him that he was enjoying Fort Hood.  Grandpa corrected him.  “It’s Camp Hood.  I was stationed there during the war, and it is out in the middle of nowhere.”  Jim explained that it had grown a bit since then. 

Anyway, during the site seeing tour, grandma exclaimed at a herd of cattle in a big field.  “Look at that!  Jimmy are those Longhorns?”  Jim turned around and said, “no grammy, Longhorns have these…” he took his hands off the wheel and made a motion toward his head with his index fingers, “long horns.”


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