Arlington here we come

I have to tell you, nerves around here have been frazzed with all that is going on.  We’re moving to Virginia so I can take a position with National Guard Bureau working in homeland security as a medical planner.  Short timelines.  Right at Christmas time.  We’ll be plucking the kids out of school and plopping them into a school system outside of D.C. because after the Texas Affair, we decided as a family that if something like this came up again, we were moving as a unit…as a family.  Being apart is just too darned hard and when stresses beyond our control combined, we broke, or were broken by the force, and ended up “not in Texas.”

The Virginia Proposal is for one year, and the opportunity for longer should we choose to stay for awhile.  I’ll be finishing my master’s degree in emergency managament while I’m there.  I learned a few days ago that I was awarded six transfer credits for my military education in medical contingency planning.  That said, after this next class, I’m halfway to my degree.

Newness is on the horizon.  I’ll be looking for a house during the week of the inauguration, too.  Wheeeee!


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