Ten Reasons you should move to Peru: Reason 3

The River Walk.  That’s the Wabash River to the left, the “walk” in the center, and “greenspace” to the right.  Yes, there’s a half court there at the end of the fire station parking lot.

More impressive, there’s a short mile of picnic areas, swings and slides, and areas open to countless pick up games of football, soccer, croquet, bocce ball or whatever strikes your fancy.

It is only a few blocks away from St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.  So technically, you could walk there after Mass on nice days and have a picnic, listen to the “big game” on the radio while you’re playing catch with the kids, and wind up refreshed and renewed.

I took this picture coming back from a 3.5 mile jog through Mac Park,  which contains one of the three nice golf courses within ten minutes of Peru.  Mac Park has lots of nice hills for sledding down in the winter, too.

There’s no shortage of free recreation opportunity in Peru.  Precious few people here take advantage of it, so you and your family would have the run of the place.  Until I can get more families to move here, that is.


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