Kill Bill!

Should we look at this from a right/wrong perspective?  Or should we do what is in the “best interest” of the American public?  That really isn’t the full range of choices we face.  Have we really become that stupid?  Rescuing the crooks who got us into this mess isn’t going to solve anything.  I want heads on platters.  I want execs and CEOs doing jail time.  I want assets seized.  In a free market economy (play by the rules or there is no game) you go out of business because you deserve to go out of business.  It is a matter of right/wrong.  The bailout is wrong.


One thought on “Kill Bill!

  1. Exactly right. Not to mention that the sort of bill we have
    now could (has?) become a means for the party in power
    to subsidize and reward its friends and punish its enemies.
    I truly believe this bill is a danger to democracy.

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