Several months of silence

IMAGE_029_edited Tempus fugit. 

Time does seem to have wings.  You blink and the day is gone.  In the interim since my last post, I’ve taken on a new career as a field agent for Knights of Columbus insurance.  I knew, once the whole “Lets Move to Texas” ordeal blew up in my face that I’d have to reconcile myself to staying in Indiana for awhile, perhaps (sigh) forever.

Not, as it turns out, a bad thing.  As much as I love the rugged beauty of the Texas hill country, I do savor the idiosyncrasies of the midwest’s four seasons.  I love the tender pastel blooming of spring, the lushness of the greenery in summer and the firey-colored leaves of the autumn hardwood forests as pumpkins ripen and fireplace smoke scents the cold air. I’m not particularly fond of winter, and I’m less fond of winter heating bills.

It is a trade off.

But now that I’m through my new agent training and life is returning a bit to normal, I’m glad of where I am.  I love working for an organization closely aligned with the Catholic Church.  I love working from home.  And I’m peacefully resigned to be where I am. 

In other words, “I’m back!”


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